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Dr. Patricia Ann Broderick
Professor, Scientist, Inventor.

Great news!

Dr. Broderick, om November 22, 2014, received the CONTINENTAL LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD.
The Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education, of the CITY COLLEGE OF NEW YORK OF THE CITY UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK has recognized the lifetime work of Dr. Broderick with accolades posted on the CCNY Website.
Her awards testify to her critical contributions to the field of nanobiotechnology as well as unique teaching abilities on every level of academia including the higher education of Professorship level. The Awards are linked with her resume.
The latest picture shows Dr. Broderick at a Broderick Brain Foundation Dinner having a wonderful time with her family, friends and colleagues. With her, is Dr. Stephen Jones, Nova Scotia, Halifax, Canada. Stephen is her business partner in CUNY's new venture for the marketing of the BRODERICK PROBE, in their newly formed company to be based in New York.